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Inforonics Bolsters Customer Service Capabilities with Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Center

LITTLETON, Mass., June 2, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) - Inforonics LLC, a leader in protecting and preserving the business value of information technology services, has launched Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Center, replacing a proprietary system that was at the end of its useful life. The platform increases the reliability of the company's 24/7 support center and provide seamless backup through automatic component redundancy.

"Our tech support services are growing and we need more capacity and improved redundancy," stated Ted Wilbur, Inforonics' chief technology officer. "The open platform enables us to develop a number of solutions ranging from sophisticated capacity planning and monitoring to intelligent call routing software that understands and manipulates call center agent skill levels."

Wilbur pointed out that Inforonics engineers have already written over 25,000 lines of custom, reusable code to monitor clients' applications. With the addition of modules for extensive monitoring of Cisco implementations, Inforonics is now able to offer consulting services and customized solutions via Cisco-specific application programming interfaces (APIs) to its customers.

"We are big believers in using end-to-end monitoring, event management and resource utilization trending to maximize the value of technology products. In this case we are leading by example, filling these needs out of our own necessity. But the solutions we have developed are also applicable to other organizations that have Unified Communications and Contact Center as their VOIP platform," continued Wilbur.

Inforonics CIO Matt Hooper added "Domestic outsourcers like Inforonics outperform the off-shore crowd with quality, innovation, and optimized execution as well as familiarity with the language and business culture in America. This investment in our Cisco platform has improved our processes and speeded up our service delivery, making us even faster in delivering much better value to our clients."

Chris Jennings, Cisco Account Manager, said "The Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Center provides Inforonics a platform with rich enterprise-class functionality that goes beyond simple phone transactions to content-rich, customer-centric experiences."

About Inforonics

Founded in 1962, Inforonics is a leader in protecting and preserving the business value of information technology services. Inforonics solutions and services enable clients to derive peak performance as well as improved capacity, security, and availability from their IT applications and infrastructures.

SOURCE: Inforonics LLC

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